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95720 Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

These are high quality Genuine Panther units.


Already have a car alarm or keyless entry system and want to add a remote starter? Our 95720 is exactly what you are looking for. Easily integrates with most OEM and aftermarket alarms and keyless entry systems.

- Built-In Parking Light Relay Programmable ( /-)
- Plug-in Override Switch
- Door Locking/Unlocking with ( /-) outputs
- Passenger Unlock Output
- True RPM Sensing
- RPM Learning Indication
- Reliable Smart Engine Run Sensing
- Gas or Diesel Mode with glow plug input
- Factory Transponder Bypass
- Starter Disable Output for Anti Grind feature
- Factory Disarm Rearm Outputs
- Two Ignition Relay Outputs

Selectable Engine Run Time 
Settable to 6, 12 or 24 minutes of run time
- 1 or 3 Pulse to Start

Remote start for cars with existing keyless entry

 Note! These do not come with keyfobs. You will have to program your current alarm or keyless keyfobs to work with it. You will need to get or find the specs for your current alarm/keyless system. Most should have an extra channel output. It is up to you to check.
No returns on remote starters.

Price $99.95

Vehicle year model and make





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