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Automotive Remote Starter

First you find a remote starter that meets your needs and requirements. Next step is to find an installer that can do an awesome job. The two go hand in hand. If you want a high quality product working in your car you have to have that product installed by a qualified quality oriented installer. We say this over and over because it is so important. Check their BBB rating and ask for references 3 years old. It may be worth it to take a day off from work and drive to the nearest big town to have it done right. Take our word for it, extra money spent on quality installation is definitely worth it.

Automotive Remote Car Starter Descriptions

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Automotive Remote Car Starter

Stand Alone Remote Engine Starter System With Keyless Entry

Item# 95600

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Stand alone remote engine starter with keyless entry Retail $153.00
Price $111.95

Vehicle year model and make


Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

This unit works with your current keyless entry

Item# 95720

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Retail $160.00
Price $118.95

Vehicle year model and make


Combination Alarm / Automotive Remote Starter


Power, Ignition Wires

Using a voltmeter, identify wires required at ignition switch:   Constant power, start, ignition, accessory, extra ignition and/or accessory wires.   These are the most critical connections, so it is highly recommended to either use a "T" harness or soldering wires to the factory harness.  Main power wires should be fused, in case the module or wiring short out, the car will not be disabled.   Always double check connections.

Full Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter

Item# 95700

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MSRP $260.00
Sale Price!!

Vehicle year model and make


Two Way Full-Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter.

Item# 95730


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MSRP $323.00
Sale Price!!

Vehicle year model and make



Tip: everything runs off sensors these days. These sensors are the main ones you will be dealing with.


Start modules have interrupt inputs for protection:

Brake sensor:  Turns the module off as soon as the brake is pressed.  The wire can be found usually right at the brake pedal switch, and has (most of the time) a positive polarity.

Hood switch:  Usually a negative input.   If there is already a switch hooked up to an alarm, a diode should be added to isolate from other switches.  This input prevents the car from accidentally starting when the car is being serviced.

Manual disable switches: They immediately disable the module in case of an emergency.  Should be mounted in an easily accessible location so that the module can be turned off.




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