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The Best Remote Car Starters

Such a question is both hard and easy. Long as you realize that most people providing that answer are going to be pretty biased. This is because most of them are either selling them or affiliates who make money when you buy based on their recommendations. If you want to know more about these sneaky affiliate people feel free to send me an email. We are biased but we are going to be honest and tell you about it and not try to hide it. We think our remote car starters are the best and even if they weren't the parent company has such great customer service as to make up for any problem and still be able to make you feel good about it.

Remote Starters are becoming more and more common.  They are really convenient for people who do not park their car in a garage.  With the push of a button, the car can be started.  A few minutes later the car can either be toasty warm, with all the windows cleared of ice/snow/fog in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Some of the following opinions were expressed about bulldog remote starters. These may not be the best remote starters to use:




Todays Tip:
Cheap Remote starters can be hooked up to cars with automatic transmissions only!  It is illegal in many states to install a remote starter on manual transmission cars.

Quality Remote starters can be used with standard transmissions that have a neutral safety switch. Most cars 1985 and newer have neutral safety switches. If in doubt ask your mechanic if yours has one.




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