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Canadian remote car starters


We actually do get quite a bit of enquires about Canadian remote car starters. We are not sure why this is. People must realize we can ship up there but their government is even worse then ours about taxing everything that moves. So we decided to list a few Canadian sources for remote car starters.
(Remote Car Starters that we do sell)
AUTOSTART - Remote Car Starter
Autostart has been manufacturing remote car starters for more than a decade, and
is proud to boast the largest market share in Canada.

Remote Car Starters | Auto Accessories |
Remote Car starters make your life easier! Start your car from the comfort of
your home or office with a remote car starter from

Forest City Surplus Canada
Forest City Surplus Limited is a Canadian Surplus Dealer, with our Retail store

Remote Car Starter w/ Keyless Entry and Auto Alarm. Easy Do-It ...
This top-of-the-line remote car starter not only starts your motor remotely ...
Should you prefer to have the remote car starter professionally installed ...


We didn't spend a ton of time screening these so if you think one or two are pretty bad let us know



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