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EL1000 Super Street Rod Power Window Kit

The EL1000 window kit comes with two screw cable drive regulators and motors, glue type glass sashes and dual sliding rollers on the mounting head. The rollers allow the regulator to move laterally as well as vertically. This unique mounting system is especially suited for vehicles with radical angled door posts. Our glue-type sashes are 24 inches long and can be cut to length. Our extra long sash easily supports one-piece glass conversions. Our EL1000 power window kit comes with OEM style narrow motors that can be mounted in doors as narrow as 2 inches.

Electric Life, the company that brought you the first power window conversion kits is proud to introduce the newest kit to their lineup. The EL-1000 Super Street Rod Kit is the flagship power window kit for the street or custom rod enthusiast. The EL-1000 boasts such impressive features, as new-generation compact hi-torque OEM style motors, drive mechanisms ultra designed for smooth, quiet operation and improved vertical/lateral movement thanks to free-floating sash rides. Each EL-1000 kit comes with everything you need to finish the job right, including complete and comprehensive instructions. With the extensive versatility of the EL-1000 power window kit, applications as wide as 40-inches can be accommodated. And for those with a chop in mind, the heavy-duty extruded track can be shortened up to 10-inches to fit almost any modified door. There's no reason to crank when you can press a switch!


Enjoy this quality power window kit and the peace of mind that goes along with it.



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