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Engine and Transmission Computers

The transmission computer / controller is for running electronic transmission in vehicles that have no computer for that purpose. More commonly it is being used by many people to replace factory computers to allow mechanics and other modders to have more control and be able to fine tune varying aspects of transmission performance from the comfort of any laptop or PC running Windows software.

We now carry two different transmission controllers. One is the TCM-2800 and the other is called Simple Shift TCM-2300.

The TCM-2800 is a highly configurable transmission controller/computer that will work with most electronic controlled transmissions. It is configured with a laptop. If you plan on customizing your lockup and other features of the transmission and you like fine tuning and tweaking shift maps then this is the controller you want.

The Simple Shift TCM-2300 controller is a much simplified version of the TCM-2000. It needs no computer interface for fine tuning the basics as it has knobs and diagnostic lights to let you know and control the shift points, shift firmness, and torque converter lockup.

If you want a controller that will plug in and automatically do everything for you by magic then this High end TCM-2800 controller is NOT for you. No controller can meet expectations like that. The new Simple Shift TCM-2300 is as close as you can get.

These controllers are becoming very popular because of their ability to be used with just about any electronic controlled transmission. So far they are used on more GM vehicles then any other but we haven't seen a better one anywhere. We spent weeks researching transmission controllers for our own project vehicle before deciding on this family of controllers simply because of simplicity of operation and quality reliability and performance. We were so impressed we decided to provide them to our customers.

If you have any questions about these systems please feel free to send us an Email.

  • Transmission Computer
    This transmission computer and controler will control any electronic transmission. It is very configurable with a gui interface directly to a laptop. Nothing could be simpler.
  • Fuel Management Computer
    This Fuel management system is for vehicles getting aftermarket boost from turbochargers or Superchargers. With more air you need more fuel but you cant disconnect your vehicles computer. This system works with your computer so you get the right ratio of fuel all the time. This helps you get maximum power without damaging your engine from too lean a mixture
  • Accessories
    under construction
  • Wiring and Harnesses
    under construction
  • Sensors
    under construction



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