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 Hall of Shame
A collection of businesses to avoid!!
Our attempt to help you avoid a bad experiance on the internet. What more can we do?


 We have always documented businesses that have given us trouble or given our customers trouble. This page is an attempt to get that documentation organized. Occasionally we get feedback from two different kinds of people. One kind is grateful that they found us before they engaged in business with said company. Another kind wishes they had found us before they got scammed by one of the companies we have listed below.

Remember! If you have any doubt as to the integrity of a company and their past dealings with customers, do your research! Always do at minimum two checks.

First obtain their address and phone number plus business name and check with the Better Business Bureau for THEIR area. The BBB has many different branches and each branch records businesses for their area only.

Second thing is to do a search on the internet using that businesses name + key words like trouble, scam, rippoff, fraud etc. Use any other words you think may also describe their poor business practices. Try not to use all the words at once despite feeling that they all apply. For instance you might type the following into the search engine.

"Trouble with" or " ebay scam" or even just " complaints"

Correct use of keywords will be critical for finding how a particular company believes in treating its customers..

 The following companies have made the list. click on the link for individual pages of facts associated with each company. The information on each companies fact page is from customers of the company. In some cases we were the abused customer or client. In other cases the information was gleaned from other company/product review pages. Some cases are from emails we have recieved.


  1. Commando Threats follows poor customer service
    Big problems with Gnu Industries, slickcar.c,om, CustomStreetDesigns.c,om, and commando car alarms and why we think they are scum.Trouble and headaches and terrible BBB rating that is getting worse.
  2. Safety Technology Problems / Poor business practices.
    Safety Technology problems, Trouble with this wholesaler. More problems then its worth. Bad business practices.
    This page for documenting problems with AKA KIRAKI ENTERPRISE




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