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Power Reverse Hood Kits!

Power Reverse Hood Kits

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Push Button Power Reverse Hood Kit
The basic kit can be used on most any car. Well we haven't found a car yet that it couldn't be used on.

Item# 99850

Details for: Power Reverse Hood Kit

Retail $1899.95
Price: $1042.95 Kit

Vehicle: Year, Model, and Make

Brackets: Universal Reverse Hood Mounting Brackets
Custom fabrication/metal working will be required

Item# 99850-BRACKETS

Details for: Universal Reverse Hood Mounting Brackets

No picture available!! Retail $240.00
Price: $210.00 Kit


99850-100 Reverse Hood Kit Direct Bolt-In Mounting Brackets for 67-69 Camaro
May work with some other same era chevy's but we are not completely sure since we haven't tested it.

Item# 99850-100

Details for: 67-69 Camaro Reverse Hood Brackets

Retail $495.95
Price: $362.95 Kit


80500 Power Reverse Hood Bracket Kit For 96-00 Honda Civic
May work on some other similar Honda style cars but again without an endless variety to test on we cant say for sure.

Item# 80500

Details for: 96 to 2000 Honda Civic Power Reverse Hood Kit

Retail $520.95
Price: $497.95 Kit


Please keep in mind that a little fabrication may have to be done even on the car specific kits but that ALOT of fabrication will have to be done on the universal kits. Basically the universal kits will have to have bracing and other supports custom made for it. These kits come with very detailed instructions on what needs to be done. Welding and metal fabrication skills will be absolutely necessary.
Power Tailgate and Tonneau covers!!





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