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Remote Auto Starter

Make sure your installer is reputable and qualified.

There are three types of remote start modules:

  1. Stand alone, which includes a remote control
  2. Alarm add-on, which are interfaced to the alarm, and a button in the existing alarm system is programmed to start the car, and
  3. Alarm with remote start included in one module, which is easier and cheaper to install, since less wires are used.


Remote Auto Starter Descriptions

Picture Price Purchase

Auto Remote Starter

Stand Alone Remote Engine Starter System With Keyless Entry

Item# 95600

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Stand alone remote engine starter with keyless entry MSRP $153.00
Price $111.95

Vehicle year model and make


Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

This unit works with your current keyless entry system

Item# 95720

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MSRP $160.00
Price $118.95

Vehicle year model and make


Combination Alarm / Remote Auto Starter

Full Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter

Item# 95700

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MSRP $260.00
Price $133.95

Vehicle year model and make


Remote Auto Starter 96700 Features:
- Two 5 Button Remote Controls
- Built-In Parking Light Relay Jumper Select ( /-)
- Plug-in user programmable Override Switch.
- Plug-in Dual-Zone Dual Adjust Piezo Sensor.
- Horn Output
- Door Locking/Unlocking with ( /-) outputs
- Passenger Unlock Output
- Two Auxiliary Channels with Selectable Output.
- User-Selectable Auto-Arming
- User-Selectable Auto-Rearming
- Remote Panic with Smart Locking/Unlocking
- Remote-Controlled Courtesy Lighting
- Auto Activation of Auxiliary 2 Output
- Remote Trunk Release
- Alarm Trigger Identification
- Optional plug-in Door Lock Relay Module
- Anti Car-Jack By Remote or Door
- Starter features true RPM sensing for real time cranking
- Reliable Smart Engine Run Sensing
- Gas or Diesel Mode with glow plug input.
- Cold Start Timer (Programmable)
- Dedicated Output for factory transponder bypass
- Starter Disable Output for Anti Grind feature.
- Factory Disarm Rearm Outputs
- Two Ignition Relay Outputs
- Stop

Two Way Full-Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter.

Item# 95730


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MSRP $323.00
Price $263.95

Vehicle year model and make



Tip of the day:
Module Placement

An appropriate mounting location for the module is usually close to the ignition switch in a place where wires will not be pinched or cut by moving parts.

Internal switches in the module, such as number of cylinders in the car, running time, light flash, etc, should be set first.  All wiring plugs should be connected to the module.




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