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Simple Shift Transmission Controller
Transmission Computer
Part Number: TCM-2300


Simple Shift TCM2300 Transmission controller computer

Product Description:

Simple Shift is the latest breakthrough in electronic overdrive transmission control. No laptops or hand-held tuning devices are required to completely control shift points, shift firmness, and torque convertor lockup. All parameters are simply adjusted with easy-to-use dials on the end of the Simple Shift unit. Want a little firmer shift? Dial it up a notch! Do you want it to shift at a lower rpm? Dial it down! Complete control of how and when your transmission shifts is at your fingertips. Simple Shift also comes with complete diagnostic capabilities. Diagnostic codes, current gear, TCC status, and TPS calibration are all communicated via a combination of LED light flashes to help you diagnose exactly what could be wrong with your transmission. This is the simplest and fastest way to control your transmission!

Simple Shift gives you complete control at your fingertips of:

  • Shift Points – raise or lower when your transmission shifts 
  • Shift Firmness – change from soft to hard to suit your driving style 
  • Torque Converter Lockup – lockup sooner for better fuel economy 

All Simple Shift kits include a complete wiring harness tailored to your specific transmission, not a universal harness that fits most transmissions leaving you with yards of extra wires that leave you confused and frustrated. Each connector on the harness is clearly labeled to make the installation very easy to accomplish in your garage or workshop. Initial setup is made easy by the self-calibrating throttle feature of the Simple Shift.

Previously you had to try to hack into a manufacturers computer to try and control these transmissions in custom applications. Trying to get everything to work was very difficult, time consuming and required expensive hardware. Now this task is easy with the newest Transmission computer/controller from Powertrain Control Solutions, LLC.

The cons for Simple Shift is programmability. To add push button control for torque converter lockup or other custom features will require the extra capabilities of the TCM-2000

If you just want to get your vehicle moving with better then factory basics then Simple Shift is the easiest way to get the job done.

  SIMPLE SHIFT Supported Transmissions

Simple Shift is available for most domestic 4 and 5 speed automatic transmissions:

General Motors
  • 4L60E
  • 4L65E
  • 4L70E
  • 4L80E
  • 4L85E
  • 5L40E
  • 5L50E
  • 4R70
  • 4R100
  • AODE
 Simple shift with Transmission



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