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What do we consider good business? In light of our experiences with bad businesses such as Safety Technology and Commando car alarms AKA and others, we felt it was necessary to define "Good" Business and "Bad" Business.

Good business does its best to make the customer happy. After all each customer is important whether they spend a lot of money or a little money. Common courtesy and respect are also part of the equation.
Bad business is the opposite of the above. Things like treating the customer like they are important until the sale is made and then acting like they should disappear after the sale. Not meeting the various needs or answering customer questions is also bad business. Insinuating and /or inserting customer emotions into emails is also bad business. (Regardless of customer emotion they should all be treated the same)  Forgetting that in a business relationship, your customers customers are also your customers is very bad business because your customer depends on YOU to help maintain their customer relationships. We ran into this problem with Commando Car alarms, when they would not answer emails and didn't ship products till 2 weeks later if at all. That kind of behavior makes us look bad, especially since we pride ourselves on customer service.
If you have any examples of good or bad customer service, please send us an email to: feedback(@) (please remove the parenthesis for the actual email address.)



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