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Wiring harnesses for controller TCM-2000 Discontinued!! Replaced by TCM-2800 which has only GM harnesses in development. Send us an email to make sure there is a harness available.

This page will lists all the different transmissions that we have harnesses for. Eventually we will have shopping carts for each one. For now please just specify your transmission such as 4l60E or 4L80E in the comments section of your order.


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Transmission Harnesses

Item TCM-41**

list part number in

Sorry no picture available
at this time.
  Our Price $163.45


Reference harnesses we carry:
Suggested retail is 190.00 for each harness.

Name Part Num Make Model Year Info Price
Ford 4R100 Harness TCM-4108 Ford 4R100 1998+ Schematic 
193kB, 1-21-09
Ford 5R110 Harness Not Available
Ford 5R110 All Schematic 
92kB, 1-21-09
Ford 5R55E Harness TCM-4133 Ford 5R55E All Schematic 
139kB, 1-21-09
Ford AODE/4R70 Harness (Early Model) TCM-4116 Ford AODE, 4R70 1992-1997 Schematic 
552kB, 1-21-09
Ford AODE/4R70 Harness (Late Model) TCM-4115 Ford AODE, 4R70 1998+ Schematic 
193kB, 1-21-09
Ford E4OD Harness (Early Model) TCM-4112 Ford E4OD 1989-1994 Schematic 
552kB, 1-21-09
Ford E4OD Harness (Late Model) TCM-4109 Ford E4OD 1995+ $163.45
GM 4L80E Adapter for TCM-4100 TCM-4118 GM 4L80E 1991-92 Schematic 
90kB, 1-21-09
GM 4LXX Harness TCM-4100 GM 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E 1991+ 
*(91-92 also requires TCM-4118)
66kB, 1-20-09
GM 4T4X Harness TCM-4134 GM 4T40E, 4T45E 1997-2007 Schematic 
52kB, 1-21-09
GM 4T60E Harness TCM-4101 GM 4T60E All Schematic 
85kB, 1-21-09
GM 4T80E Harness TCM-4102 GM  4T80E  All   $163.45
Toyota/Lexus A340E Harness TCM-4103
Not Available
Toy  A340E  All   $163.45
GM 4T65E Harness TCM-4120 GM 4T65E All Schematic 
55kB, 1-21-09
Chrysler 545RFE Harness TCM-4123  Chrysler  545RFE  All   $163.45
GM 4T80 Harness (Late Model) TCM-4104 GM 4T80E 2000+ Schematic 
56kB, 1-21-09
GM 4T80E Harness (early model) TCM-4102 GM 4T80E 1996-1999 Schematic 
66kB, 1-21-09
Universal Transmission Harness 6' TCM-4000 Not Available NA NA NA Schematic 
50kB, 1-21-09



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